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Comic Spotlight!! (?)

Thank you so much to whoever put Edge of December up for the comic spotlight! Let's make the best of it by going out of the way to make something awesome. I will need everyone's help for this idea though. You in?

What I have in mind is to make a special sharing event where fans can submit a guest comic to Edge of December -- And I'll make one for you! I'll put your comic up at the end of this saga, right after we see what happens with Tracelay, Ampersand, and Baker. It's Edge of December's Guest-Comic Sharing Event! The rules are simple.

1. Draw your own pictures using the characters and personalities from the comic you're doing.
and 2. Maintain the format (about the same pixel height and width per page) and keep about the same age-rating (don't turn something rated 'G' into something rated 'R'). and by the way, Edge of December is probably about PG-13.

So. If you're in, just send me a comic as an email attachment or host it yourself and send me a link using the Private Message system! My email is kieron.alsmith@gmail.com if you need it!

posted by Kieron @ December 17th, 2007, 4:05 pm  -  0 Comments

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